No More Facebook For Us!

This decision has been a long time coming.  And now that’s it’s been made, we realize we should have done this long ago.

Recently, the powers that be at Facebook took down our page: I appealed to them to reinstate it, or at least offer an explanation as to why it was taken down. Neither happened. No surprise there, I suppose. The funny thing is, in this regard, Facebook is a lot like the Catholic Church, and not in a good way. The sad thing is we had over 1100 friends there.

banned by facebook

When Facebook wouldn’t reply to my appeals I decided we had had enough. I closed our other account: and vowed to never return. I absolutely hate this kind of secretive and authoritarian behavior, be it in the Church or in the world of social media.

The absolutely bizarre thing is that, despite me being locked out of the one page and closing down the other, both pages are still visible to anyone else who visits. This is both shameful and unethical. It looks like we are still maintain a presence there when we decidedly do not.

  • Just so you know, we won’t be posting on Facebook ever again.
  • We won’t be accepting any new friendships on Facebook ever again.
  • And we won’t be responding to anyone who posts on our timeline ever again.

If you want to keep up with us, visit us here, on our home site, and on our blog HERE! And be sure to follow us on Twitter HERE!

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